Cooking eggs with 2 ingredients, making them fragrant, tender, and easy to peel. Many people haven't learned this yet, take a look.

Tips for Boiling Eggs:

1.Wash the eggs: Rub some edible salt on the surface of the eggshell when washing to disinfect and kill bacteria.

2.Add white vinegar: Put the eggs in a bowl, add some white vinegar, and let them sit for three minutes to separate the eggshell from the egg white.

3.Boil without adding water: Use a rice cooker, lay a paper towel or kitchen paper inside, add a small amount of water, then put the eggs in and cook in the rice cooker.

4.Cool with cold water: Place the cooked eggs in cold water for one minute to make it easier to peel off the eggshell.

5.Peeling technique: Crack a small hole on the table, roll the egg a few times, then break it open from the middle.

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