Don't use boiling water to peel tomatoes. Here are three methods to easily remove the skin.

The first method involves using fire to roast the tomato. Insert a chopstick directly into the core of the tomato and place it on the gas stove to roast. Use medium to low heat and rotate the chopstick to evenly heat the tomato. Once heated evenly, the skin of the tomato will wrinkle and it is easy to peel it off.

The second method is the freezing method. Make a small cut at the top of the tomato and put it in a bag before placing it in the freezer for half an hour. After removing it from the freezer, you can easily tear off the skin with your hands.

The third method involves using a coin to remove the skin. Rub a coin over the surface of the tomato, which separates the skin from the flesh. Then, make a cross-shaped cut at the top of the tomato and simply tear off the skin by hand, which is particularly quick.

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